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Quality cooking equipment from world class brands including Rosinox - Friginox - Sterisystem 

We supply top of the range gas and electric cooking equipment to for all kinds of professional kitchens.


For cooking

Open burners, induction hobs, char grills, griddles, bain-maries, pasta cookers, convection ovens, combination ovens, fryers, salamanders, solid tops, stock pots, Chinese wok cookers, microwaves, bratt pans, boiling pans, induction hobs, pizza ovens, dough mixers and so much more.


For cooling & chilling

Upright fridges and freezers, blast chillers, walk in cold-rooms, ice cream makers, sushi displays, ice makers and flakers.


For cleaning

Dish washers, pot washers and glass washers.


Our suppliers:


Rosinox: leader in terms of hygiene, safety and practicality, adapting the equipment to the job in hand and attractive design. 

Friginox:  offers a wide range of products in the field of commercial and collective catering, bakery-pastry and food trade.

Josper: Enclosed charcoal fired grills


Valentine: specialist in selling a wide range and selection of fryers. 


Steri system: specialist towards the development of materials for compliance with hygiene.  




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Steri system


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